DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

  • American Electrical offers the complete line of Klemsan DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks
  • Saves time, space, and money
  • Used in any machine or process control interface application
  • Internationally approved and recognized
  • Additional information can be obtained from the Klemsan website

AVK Series Terminal Blocks

YBK Series Terminal Blocks

PYK Series Terminal Blocks

  • Cable is connected to the terminal just by pushing-in, without the need to use a screwdriver
  • PYK is suitable for applications with or without end-sleeves
  • All you need to do is to push the cable into the cable hole to make the connection
  • Cable can be released easily by using a screwdriver

PIK 4N Series Double-Deck Terminal Blocks

PUK Series Screw Type Terminal Blocks

AVK Series Screw Clamp Disconnect Terminal Blocks

Disconnect Terminals

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

  • Built in Miniature Female Thermocouple Connector for Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Audit Feature 
  • Screw Type Terminal for  Secure and Maintenance Free Connections 
  • Type K and J Calibrations 
  • Fully Enclosed—No End Plates Required
  • DIN Rail Mountable (32 mm or 35 mm)—Narrow 10.7 mm Width
  • Identified with Calibration and “+” , “-” Connections
  • Write-On terminal markers

Click here to see a video on our DIN rail mounted Thermocouple Terminal Blocks.

**This video not only shows you how to terminate thermocouples but also how you can plug directly into the terminal block with your handheld device to read process temps or calibrate the control system.** 

SRD series terminal blocks

  • Complies with EN 45545-2 European railway standard for fire safety classes R22-R23-R24-R26 for HL1 - HL2 - HL3
  • New ergonomically design
  • Push-in cross connections
  • Quicker and easier rail mounting advantages compared with YBK series

WGO 2N Series Disconnect Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks Accessories

  • Cross Connections
  • End Plates
  • End Brackets
  • Partitions
  • Marking Tags
  • Terminal strips
  • Test plug sockets
  • Cable marking sleeves
  • Group markings
  • Warning labels
  • Mounting rail support

Safe Circuits