DIN Rail Mounted Contactors

DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

Interface Relay Modules

Junction Boxes / Hook-up Boxes

Hardened Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches and Injectors

  • Hardened, industrial-grade PoE injector
  • Designed to reliably connect PoE devices in harsh environments
  • Metal case
  • Fanless design
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Over-current protection
  • -40°C to 65°C Operating Range
  • Integrated DIN rail mount
  • 6kV Surge Protection
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is commonly used to power devices such as:
    • Network cameras
    • VoIP phones
    • Wireless access points
    • Digital signage displays
    • Network switches
    • Point-of-sale terminals
    • Thin clients
    • LED lighting

DIN Rail Mounted Interface Modules

  • Interface Modules are used to connect various types of input and output devices to a computer or other control systems
  • Our line of interface modules allows you to add additional input and output capabilities to your system
  • Provides a standardized and controlled way of communicating with input and output devices
  • Improves the accuracy and reliability of data transfer
  • Available with D-sub or IDC connectors
  • Enables users to attach field wiring and ""plug and play"" the Module to the controller
  • Cables in stock as well

DIN Rail Mounted Disconnect Switches

DIN Rail Mounted Power Supplies

  • We offer two lines of DIN Rail mounted Power Supplies
    • 1.875 amps to 40 amps – 24VDC outputs
    • 120-480VAC inputs, single and three phase
  • All power supplies are UL Listed and EMI/RFI approved

Lightpole Power Tap

Power Distribution Blocks

  • 85-380 A in 5 differnet versions
  • 1000 VAC Rated
  • UL listed, cUL and IEC Rated
  • DIN Rail or direct mounted
  • 1 input and 4-6 outputs depending on version
  • Customer changeable indicator 1,2 or 3

DIN Rail

Cable Grips

Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks and Connectors

  • We offer Terminal Blocks and Connectors for the PCB from 3.5mm up to 7.62mm in various orientations to solve any application need
  • Single and dual level PCB blocks on 3.5mm, 5.0mm, .08mm, 7.5mm, and 7.62mm in modular 2 or 3 pole designs
  • Connectors are offered from 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, and 5.08mm verisons in 90° and 180° configuration up to 24 poles