Why Are You Still Crimping Ferrules by Hand?

If you have only a small volume, we understand. However if you are crimping over a few thousand a year then please consider upgrading to the MC 25 - Automatic Wire Ferrule Crimping Machine. The MC 25 Strips and Crimps 20-14 AWG wires and applies an insulated wire ferrule in 1.5 seconds!  The machine holds 1000 wire ferrules on a reel (500 for 14 AWG) and weighs only 28 pounds so it can be moved easily across the shop floor.  The machine has NO adjustments - it’s timing is achieved with mechanical cams so that your crimp is the same quality crimp each time you use it.  There’s no maintenance other than graphite spray lubricant once every few thousand crimps.  This is the perfect machine for you and your team - they will love you for buying it - and you will notice a significant positive change in your manufacturing throughput.

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See below for the full startup video - see how easy it is.


Using wire ferrules can enhance your electrical connections, increase safety within your control enclosure, improve the speed of wiring devices and in many cases adhere to European and Worldwide Standards.