See the Light! Fuse Blocks with Indication Help YOU (or your customer) Troubleshoot!

American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) offers many different versions of fuse holders from 1 amp to 50 amps with and without fuse failure indication.  What is fuse failure indication?  It’s a tiny circuit that measures the voltage across a fuse.  This circuit has a resistor and an LED in series.  During normal operation, the fuse is good so there’s no differential across the fuse.  When the fuse blows, the supply side is high and the other side is zero - this differential lights the LED and lets you know what's going on.

What a time saver!  What a great feature for you or your customer - to be able to locate a problem so quickly. Why not consider using fuse failure indication in your next design or retrofit?  If this was helpful please Share, FOLLOW and Like.

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