Let’s talk about DIN Rail - are you buying it AND are you cutting it?

Let’s talk about DIN Rail - are you buying it AND are you cutting it?  If so, let American Electrical, Inc. help you in both cases!

AEI sells all types of DIN Rail - steel and aluminum in solid or slotted AND shallow (7.5mm) or deep (15mm) versions in one or two meter lengths.  AEI’s wide variety of DIN Rail is available for shipment from Richmond, VA for an extremely competitive price - and if you buy case quantities (500 for deep and 1000 for shallow) we can even do better! Of course you can buy smaller quantities!  Our DIN Rail is RoHS compliant and meets all worldwide and domestic standards - steel versions are plated with white Zinc for high corrosion resistance. Want to reduce cost in your system build? Want to improve on time delivery? Want to manage inventory in less time? Why not give AEI a chance to quote on your DIN Rail business?

If you are cutting DIN Rail, AEI can also help you there with an incredible tool.  Look no further - stop using a saw or some contraption that doesn't leave a clean edge or cut perpendicular. The TS3CUT DIN Rail cutter cuts shallow, deep and 15 mm DIN Rail.  It comes complete with a 1 meter measuring stick and an adjustable slide that you can screw down to the measuring stick for repeated cuts.  It has a long metal handle that provides enough leverage so that most anyone can cut DIN Rail easily. It leaves a clean edge that requires no extra steps.  It’s a simple, yet perfect device for your production floor.  Your techs will love you for buying it.

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