Automated Tools for Crimping Wire Ferrules

  • We offer a wide range of low cost, high quality hand, pneumatic and automatic tools for crimping wire ferrules, stripping and cutting wire
  • We offer both Pneumatic and Electrical equipment to help combat the fatigue and the high labor associated with crimping wire ferrules
  • Our pneumatic crimpers cover from 24 AWG to 8 AWG and come in a lightweight handheld or "handsfree" bench model
  • The MC25 operates on 120 VAC and will strip and crimp wires in 1.5 seconds
    • It weighs only 26 pounds
    • portable enough to support locations at the factory floor and rugged enough to withstand it
  • All of our tools are made from the highest quality materials for longevity and accurate crimping

Click here for video.

Automatic Stripper and Crimper MC 25

Your Efficient Helper for Stripping & Crimping Insulated Wire Ferrules

The MC 25 at 26 pounds (12 kg) is a very light machine. It can be easily transported to various work stations.It does not require pressurized air, but only a 120 V Standard Power connection.It takes only 1.5 seconds to strip and crimp the individual wires.The MC 25 processes wire ferrule sizes 20 AWG to 14 AWG (0.5 to 2.5 square millimeters) in the standard length of 8 mm.You can change the crimp mechanism for the size of the ferrules in a matter of seconds without any additional tools - simply snap it in and it is ready to go.All the crimp mechanisms necessary are clearly laid out in the case provided.An advanced microprocessor-controlled cam drive ensures reliable operation.The wire ferrules in reel form are fed via a dispenser fitted to the right side of the machine for easy hands free operation.The insulated ferrules used for this machine come in 1000 piece or 500 piece reels (taped mounted) packaged in a compact cardboard case and are fed into the machine automatically.The machine has an integral reel holder which keeps the ferrules in place during operation.

Accessories for MC 25 Automatic Ferrule Stripping and Crimping Machine

Automatic Stripper and Crimper MC 40-1

Automatic processing of wire end sleeves 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5 mm²

  • Stripping and crimping in one work step
  • Quick change of cross-sections with just a few hand movements
  • Adjustable stripping blade
  • High level of reliability due to maintenance and wear-free components

Automatic Stripper and Crimper MC 40L

Efficient processing of wire end sleeves of 4, 6 and 10 mm²

  • High level of reliability
  • Stripping and crimping in one step
  • Quick change of cross-sections with few hand movements
  • Components are maintenance and wear-free

Electric crimper EC-65

  • Easy to operate with high flexibility
  • No compressed air necessary
  • Crimping die easy to change
  • Carry handle enables different work stations
  • Lower energy costs compared to compressed air machines
  • Flexible use thanks to a large selection of crimping dies
  • Positioning aids simplify crimping of contacts

Pneumatic Crimpers

  • Hand and Bench models available
  • Crimping range 24-8 AWG
  • Operates with pressurized air
  • Easy to use and portable

Click here for a video on our 24-14 AWG and 12-8 AWG pneumatic crimpers- both hand and bench styles available.

Wire Stripping, Cutting and Lug Crimping Tools

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