Price $96.60
100 per Bag

Product Description

Technical Information

Apart from giving a high quality appearance, ferrules also ensure the reliability of the connection and installation.

Advantages of wire ferrules:

  • Easy insertion of wire into terminal
  • Prevents flare out of stripped, stranded wire
  • Improved connection reliability
Does not conform to DIN 46228 part 1


Size mm² :
95.0 mm²
Size AWG:
3/0 AWG
Pcs. Per Bag:
L mm :
32 mm
D-1 mm :
14.5 mm
D-2 mm :
17 mm
S mm :
0.4 mm
Rec. Crimping Tool:
VICE70150, Trapezoid Vice Ferrule Crimper for Large Wires


Material Comp. of Copper Tube on Ferrules.pdf


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