Shield Grounding- Pro Tip

The Easiest Way to Ground Cable Shields:

Easyconnect cable grips by AGRO AG , are by far, the EASIEST, FASTEST and most RELIABLE method to ground Cable Shields in the WORLD. That’s a big statement that can be backed up by hundreds of thousands of successful applications and installations all over the planet. American Electrical, Inc., in Richmond, VA stocks thousands of AGRO AG products, including EASYconnect cable grips.

Interested? Check out the 1 ½ minute video below:

Eliminate noise in your system design by grounding cable shields using Easyconnect.  As you are aware, ungrounded cable shields act as an antenna, picking up electro-magnetic fields and signals from everything happening around them.  This can lead to system malfunction and faulty signals - compromising your I/O and your control system l  Grounding cable shields can often eliminate this unwanted outcome.

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