Not Your Average Cable Tie

Introducing the Elematic 2 Lock™ Cable Tie - this is the only Cable Tie with two Stainless Steel locking mechanisms.  Having two locking mechanisms eliminates the necessity for having ridges along the cable tie.  The elimination of the ridges on the Cable Tie makes for a continuous smooth surface for the product, device, or cable you are trying to control.  The patented cable ties are rated at -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C and black color is UV resistant.  And yes, the Cable Ties are very price competitive!  They are Halogen free, detectable and made in Italy.  The flammability rating is  UL94 V2 - self extinguishing.

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These cable ties are stocked in Richmond Virginia and are ready to ship. There’s also a tool available for easy application.

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Interested in a sample? Follow this link.